AC contactors and DC contactors What is the difference Why not interchangeable

1 core is not the same: AC contactor has a core made of silicon layers insulated from each other, and made double E-shaped; multi-core DC contactor from a single piece of soft iron, mostly U-shaped...

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The difference between contacts and relays

Contactors, mainly used for the primary circuit, a large current can be (up to a few hundred to more than a thousand A); and relay the secondary circuit is used only by a small current (a few dozen...

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Prospects for the development of new energy

Prospects China's future strategic development of new energy development can be divided into three phases: the first phase to 2010, the portion of new energy technology commercialization. The se...

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Talking about the prospects for the development of new energy vehicles in China

From January 29, 1886 Karl Benz output first car now, this hundred years the rapid development of the automotive industry, and in this process of rapid development will inevitably bring some negati...

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DC contactors knowledge Daquan

DC contactors * Overview DC contactor is a frequently used long-distance making and breaking DC main circuit and high-capacity electrical control circuit for the vacuum interrupter medium, small s...

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