(Contact circuit rated load current 80A)

Used in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, construction machinery, photovoltaic, DC voltage power supply control system.

  • Nonpolarity—The connection of contact and coil need to be nonpolarity.
  • Epoxy Sealant—Sealed by epoxy resin. It can work in the hostile environment, Coil and contact cannot be oxidized and polluted.
  • Efficient Coil – Optional built-in energy-saving coil,retentive power is only 2-2.3W, counter electromotive force is 0V.
  • ROHS authentication is totally meet the requirement of ROHS, It is benefit to body health and the environment protection.
  • Compare to the similar products, this product is smallest and ligtest.
  • The coil has no counter-force of electromagnetism.


This product have one normally open contact, for the battery or the rectification power and supplies power, using for handling drawing, the pump motor and other electronic vehicles.

360° Panoramic

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 12V,24V,36V,48V,60V,72V
Contact Circuit Rated Load Current(A) 80A
Typical Voltage Drop Across Contacts Per 100A ≤100mV
The Cooling Pull-in Voltage At (20±5)℃(V) ≤70%
The Cooling Pull-out Voltage At (20±5)℃(V) ≥5%,≤40%
The Allowed Range Of Coil Voltage ±20%
Drop-out Time(N/O Contacts To Open) ≤30ms
Pull-in Time(N/O Contacts To Close) ≤20ms
Disconnect The Maximum Contact Bounce Time ≤5ms
Insulation Resistance ≥50MΩ
Electric Strength To Resist 50Hz/60Hz 1500VAC/1min
Overload Current ≤7Ie,≯1s
Coil Power(W) ≤4-10W
Electric Life Continous 20000 times
Mechanical Life 300 Thousand times
Work Specification Continous
Contact Form 1NO
Contact Material AgSnO/Cu or AgCuO/Cu
Start Current ≤4A
Technical Specification GB14048.4-2010

Physical Performance

Body Size 75mm*55mm*82mm(max)
Weight ≤210g

Use Of The Environment

ALtitude ≤2Km Ambient Temperature -25℃~+55℃
International Protection IP50 Installation Type
Way To Install Andy Vibration 2.5g,(5~50)Hz
Impact 50g,11ms(Half-sine Wave)

Dimensions And Installation

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