Talking about the prospects for the development of new energy vehicles in China

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From January 29, 1886 Karl Benz output first car now, this hundred years the rapid development of the automotive industry, and in this process of rapid development will inevitably bring some negative effects, that is, fuel after combustion caused by environmental pollution, since the 1990s, countries in the world to improve the environment is growing, new energy vehicles will emerge from this, and bear the brunt is born with a variety of electric vehicles . However, due to battery problems have hindered the development of electric vehicles, thus forcing engineers began developing various kinds of new energy vehicles.


So talk about new energy vehicles, many people first reaction is a pure electric car, in fact disagree, new energy vehicles, put it another way is to use unconventional vehicle fuel as a power source for vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen engine car, the other car, and so energy. At present in our country, new energy vehicles, the most widely used is nothing more than two categories – pure electric cars and hybrid vehicles. In this article, we will focus on the pure electric cars and hybrid vehicles in these two categories will be discussed.


Pure electric vehicles

Needless to say, in fact, referred to simply as BEV, a single energy storage batteries as a power source for automobiles, which use batteries as energy storage power source to provide power to the motor through the battery, the drive motor running to drive cars .

hybrid car

Referred to the HEV, a power driving means of the vehicle based on a single drive system for a vehicle driven by two or more systems can operate simultaneously form the joint of the actual vehicle travel state of the vehicle individually or jointly provided by a single drive system. Including hybrid hybrid, plug-in hybrid, extended range hybrid.

The impact of new energy vehicles to our

1, positive impact

Extensive application of new energy vehicles is undoubtedly produce a positive impact on our lives all aspects of carbon emission car first point is greatly reduced, which greatly eased some of heavy industry still led by regional environmental problems, such cars are no longer contaminated one source.

The second point is to reduce the cost of the vehicles, as the new energy vehicles get rid of or reduce the dependence on traditional fuels, such that our car costs in the cost of fuel is no longer predominant position.

The third point is that some areas of subsidies for new energy vehicles, and in some areas on the card need Yaohao even avoid the lottery links directly on the card, this is a big plus for consumers with lower prices and more convenient purchase use of new energy vehicles, to stimulate consumer desire to buy, so as to change the environment to make such a virtuous circle.

The fourth point is the car with the improvement of quality, whether it is a pure electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle, due to motor intervention, the vehicle will be very quiet, but at the start, accelerating the process will be more “strong and” more than conventional cars .


2, the negative impact

Anything opposing side, while our extensive application of new energy vehicles, but also inevitably bring some negative effects. Which is reliable and durable problem of new energy vehicles, compared to conventional cars more than 100 years of development history, the history of new energy vehicles at best, that is, more than two decades, so reliability is inevitable than conventional cars to badly. We, in 2015 received last year in car complaints network statistics of complaints about the new energy vehicles is only 10, and by September this year, complaints have been received to 66, compared to last year’s total has more than a 56 It was seen this year on the new energy automotive-related complaints abound.

At present, two types of new energy vehicles, almost all need to use the battery and electric motor, one of the hotspots where the complaint is incompatible with life away from publicity. Indeed, both now and in the limelight strong Tesla or rest some manufacturers of electric cars are far from broke mileage standards. The second is hot down badly, often battery failure. Three hot spot is insufficiently charged degrees.

Thus, the current popularity hinder development of new energy vehicles may not be the most important technical problems, but the face of new energy vehicles, there are numerous quality problems, coupled with fewer of charge pile and new energy supply place, consumers thus this prohibitive, nobody bought, talk about development?

What types of new energy vehicles is environmentally friendly

Speaking of the impact of new energy vehicles, which also had to bring people to new energy vehicles is another hot topic – what kind of new energy vehicles is the real environment-friendly?

There may be users do not understand, all new energy vehicles are environmental protection act ah, why talk about it environmentally friendly? Indeed, look up from the surface, all new energy cars are reducing environmental pollution, at least to reduce the emissions from their own, but if a deeper level to look at, is not it so?


Pure electric vehicles, new energy vehicles as the future development direction of the main one, the largest of a controversial “energy” – electricity, some scholars have pointed out that in our country, in order to account for thermal power or dominant position in China’s power structure, thermal power accounts 75.6%, 23.5% hydroelectric, nuclear power accounted for 0.9%, there is the use of a small amount of wind, solar, geothermal and ocean energy and other energy to generate electricity. Wherein the thermal power, is one of the most serious pollution industries. Imagine, if pure electric vehicles in the country with a large thermal power-based universal, is to achieve a “zero emission” cars from the source, but a lot of use of thermal energy, is not to say ” Put another way pollute “the.

As a pure electric vehicle product transition, hybrid cars seem to have become a today’s environment-friendly models of. Meanwhile scholars also believe that hybrid hybrid and extended range hybrid vehicles, even though they still need to add the traditional vehicle fuel, but because of its own power plants as well as the kinetic energy recovery equipment, so it can be self-sufficient, so as to achieve a real sense of ” energy saving “effect.

Having said this, Xiao Bian also do believe that our country is mainly dominated by thermal power plants, when the large-scale use of electric cars, will also lead to “a different pollution” argument. But inevitably, the electric car as the main development trends of new energy vehicles, the future will definitely be more and more of a pure electric vehicle traveling on the road, but if in the future the production of electricity, began a large-scale shift to clean energy, so pure electric cars must be environment-friendly vehicles. And with our current energy structure, or choose the most suitable hybrid vehicle.


to sum up

While the new energy vehicles currently facing quality is not reliable, in which pure electric vehicles, there are still “a different way of pollution” argument, but also have to say, in 2016 from January to August total sales of new energy vehicles in China nearly 180 000 units, an increase of 136%. Although compared to the traditional fuel vehicles 1– August sales of 7.3 million is still far away, but its growth rate also shows that more and more consumers are willing to willing to try new energy vehicles, and the country’s strong support for new energy and development of new energy technologies, so more and more manufacturers have begun to make various types of new energy vehicles, new energy automobiles can be said that in the development of our country’s bright prospects, especially when the power of the industrial structure made future change, reducing the reliance on thermal power, its main new energy vehicles – is not a pure electric car would no longer be “a different way of pollution,” saying it?

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